SAASCO Group is doing glorious business since its birth as a conglomerate in 1995. Diesel & Furnace Oil manufacturing, Green Auto Bricks, Food & Beverage Imports, Fashion and Lifestyle retailing chain outlets countrywide, export-oriented RMG business & accessories manufacturing is the heart of SAASCO Group. After 19 years of development, the Group has become a vertically integrated business powerhouse.In 2014, SAASCO has made many breakthroughs in terms of industrial chain optimization, matrix building, gradient transferring of production bases, as well as in the transformation of operation, future-oriented industrial development like getting involved in power & energy sector, and branded lifestyle retailing in a major scale.

SAASCO Group operates a network of over 07 independent business units and over 1 million square meters of the integrated production floor. It is the importer of lifestyle luxury items from China, Thailand & Malaysia and compliant exporter to over 14 international brands across Europe and the USA.

After having won four prestigious awards, best innovative environment-friendly production award, LEED platinum award, including the best exporter award, and BGMEA award, SAASCO Group is moving forward to a steady path of growth. Over almost two decades of development, the Group has established businesses in sectors including ceramics manufacturing & technology transfer, packaging industry, energy, communications, property development and investment, its core business being garment manufacturing and marketing. SAASCO Group is now one of the major Bangladeshi corporations with a dominant export profile.